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EU’s history of fraudulent organic grain imports

European organic feed producers have a long history of combating fraudulent imported organic grain stocks, which in the long term may result in more local organic crop production.

Bottlenecks identified in Europe's crop transportation systems

While storage capacity for grains and oilseeds has increased significantly in the European Union over the past decade, bottlenecks in the transport system could lead to price and market volatility, warn the authors of a new report.

9 best practices for feed mill dust collection systems

Over his 40-year career, Jack Osborn has evaluated well more than 1,000 dust collection systems in various industries, including hundreds in the agriculture and food industries. In this article, he offers his tips for maximizing a feed mill’s dust collection system.

Efficient animal feed storage, preservation tips

The best measure against the deterioration of feed quality is prompt incorporation of high quality raw materials in diets that are rapidly consumed after manufacturing.

Ohio feed mill to close as result of FSMA costs

Centerra Co-op will close its animal feed mill in Jefferson, Ohio, because it would cost too much to bring it into compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).