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Amino Acid & DCP Updates (10-16 November 2019)
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According to the preliminary data of Huitong Data Research Department:  



According to the different volume of different regions, the market price of 98% is 6.3-6.8 yuan/kg(US$ 0.9-0.97/kg), the market price of 70% is 4.1-4.4 yuan/kg(US$ 0.59-0.63/kg), the logistics cost is rising, the price of lysine is low, and the loss of the manufacturer is aggravated. The rate has dropped, and the price of the price has gradually increased. This week, plum 98% lysine is quoted at 6.3 yuan/kg(US$ 0.9/kg), and 70% lysine is quoted at 4.2 yuan/kg(US$ 0.6/kg). The demand for domestic pig feed has rebounded. Recently, the market turnover has improved. The 98% lysine supply in the factory is tight, and the lysine market is stable and strong.

Export status: According to customs statistics, in September 2019, the export volume of lysine and lysine salt and ester in China was 47,800 tons, a year-on-year increase of 32.4%, a small decrease from the previous month. In the past two years, the domestic lysine amplification capacity was released, and the price of lysine was low. In September 2019, the export price of lysine was 887 US dollars/ton, down 16.7% year-on-year. >From January to September of 2019, China’s lysine exports to Europe, Asia and Africa and some countries in the Americas remained at a high level. The top eight countries that exported more than 10,000 tons were the Netherlands, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, Canada, Lithuania, and Japan. Among them, the export volume to the Netherlands was the highest, at 61,900 tons, and the export volume to Thailand was 22,700 tons, an increase of 118,000 tons, an increase of 107.6%. From January to September 2019, China's lysine salt and ester exports a total of 428,000 tons, an increase of 45.7%.



According to the different cargo volume in different regions, the market price range is mostly 18.1-19 yuan/kg(US$ 2.59-2.71/kg), Xinhecheng resumes production, and the methionine anti-dumping hearing ends. It is expected that the preliminary ruling results will be released in December, the market fever will decline, and the short-term market will be stable and weak. The import of methionine in the fourth quarter was concerned.

Import status: According to customs statistics, in September 2019, China imported 22,300 tons of solid methionine products, an increase of 8812.7 tons, an increase of 65%, an increase of 6865.5 tons. The unit price of imports was US$19/kg, down 11.4% from the previous month. Due to the overhaul of domestic manufacturers in September, foreign factories increased their export volume. In September, China's solid eggs from Singapore increased the most, with an import volume of 12,700 tons, an increase of 5,920 tons. Imports from Japan were 4361.3 tons, an increase of 1080.8 tons from the previous month. The Ministry of Commerce initiated an anti-dumping investigation on imported methionine (methionine) originating in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan from April 10, 2019. The methionine anti-dumping hearing was held on October 10, and the preliminary ruling results are expected in December. From January to September 2019, China's methionine imports totaled 152,500 tons, a year-on-year increase of 30%. In September 2019, China exported 1,604.76 tons of methionine. From January to September, China exported 23,800 tons of methionine, down 18.3% year-on-year.


The market for threonine has risen steadily. According to different brands and different volumes, the domestic market price is mostly at 6.5-7.0 yuan/kg(US$ 0.93-1/kg). The price of threonine has been sluggish for a long time, the operating rate of the factory has decreased, and the logistics freight rate has increased recently. The domestic demand for culture has improved from the previous month. This week, the market reported that the price of threonine in the plum flower manufacturer was raised to 6.7 yuan/kg(US$ 0.96/kg), and the market for threonine was stable. Small and medium-sized, low-cost sources of supply reduced. According to customs statistics, from January to September 2019, China exported a total of 353,000 tons of threonine, a year-on-year increase of 5.6%.


ManufacturerPrice (USD/MT)
Sichuan LongyanUS$ 264
Sichuan Second LineUS$ 257
Hubei LongyanUS$ 264
Yunnan first lineStop offer
Yunnan Second lineUS$ 239-246