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Vitamin Updates (23-29 December 2019)
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According to the preliminary data of Huitong Data Research Department:

Vitamin A: The Vitamin A market price this week is 312-320 yuan / kg (US$ 45-46 /kg). Earlier market news said that BASF's German plant VA1000 resumed production in November this year, with a lower operating rate in the fourth quarter, and plans to suspend production in the second half of 2020. The European VA1000 market price is about 64-66 Euros / kg (US$ 71-73 /kg), there is a gap between manufacturers' quotations, and the Vitamin A market is finishing at a high level, and the transaction is slightly weaker.

Vitamin E: The Vitamin E market price this week is 47-50 yuan / kg (US$ 7 /kg). DSM announced that Yimante plans to stop production and upgrade in early September. Due to the shortage of m-cresol, Beisha Pharmaceutical stated on November 19 that Vitamin E production would be reduced due to tight raw materials. Foreign media reports that DSM expects a 20-25% reduction in production at the Swiss plant in the first quarter of 2020, which does not rule out the impact to the second quarter. Recently, individual manufacturers have lower prices for core customers, and the Vitamin E market has been narrowed. The European Vitamin E market offers 5.4-5.6 Euro / kg (US$ 6 /kg).  

Calcium Pantothenate: This week's market price is around RMB 360-390 / kg (US$ 51-56 /kg). The supply of raw materials is tight. The output of small manufacturers is low. Slight callback. Need to continue to pay attention to the supply of raw materials, manufacturers and so on.  

Nicotinamide: The market price this week is 44-46 yuan / kg (US$ 6-7 /kg). According to market news, the Longsha Nansha Nicotinamide Plant is scheduled to begin maintenance in November, and the maintenance time will be 6 weeks. The nicotinamide market has retreated to a low level, and domestic demand is picking up, raw material prices are high, and under the support of costs, some manufacturers have maintained a price mentality. On November 22, the latest offer of Shandong Hongda Nicotinamide was 47 yuan / kg (US$ 7 /kg). Brother Nicotinamide raised the price to 53 yuan / kg (US$ 8 /kg), increasing market attention, reducing the supply of low prices, and quoting slightly upward.  

Vitamin D3: The market price this week is about 95-100 yuan / kg (US$ 14 /kg). Domestic demand is weak. New manufacturers have entered the market. Recently, some manufacturers have quoted prices, and the market prices are weak.  

Vitamin B1: The market price this week is around 155-160 yuan / kg (US$ 22-23 /kg). On October 24th, the brothers stated on the investor platform that the brother vitamins had completed the district-level acceptance. The People's Government of Dafeng District had applied for a municipal review. The company would try its best to speed up the restoration of brother vitamins. Recently, the price of the B1 market has been stable and weak.  

Vitamin B2: The market price this week is around 95-102 yuan / kg (US$ 14-15 /kg). Market news on August 8th said that Hijano stopped quoting. Guangji Pharmaceutical announced on the evening of August 26 that the company's holding subsidiary Mengzhou Company completed various overhauls in advance and decided to resume production on August 27. The B2 market is operating at the bottom, and the willingness to replenish downstream stocks has increased.  

Vitamin B6: This week, the market price is about 145-150 yuan / kg (US$ 21 /kg). There are new manufacturers entering, the market purchase and sales are weak, and the domestic market is weak.  

Vitamin B12: The market price this week is around 165-170 yuan / kg (US$ 24 /kg), with new manufacturers entering. Recently, the B12 market is weak. Guangji Pharmaceutical announced that it plans to raise 500 million yuan to invest in vitamin B12.  

2% Biotin: This week's market price is 135-150 yuan / kg (US$ 19-21 /kg), Hangzhou Kexing 2% biotin will be raised to 150 yuan / kg (US$ 21 /kg) on September 3, and the pure biotin price will be raised to 950 US dollars / kg, November 18. Shengda's 2% biotin is quoted at 220 yuan / kg (US$ 31 /kg), and pure biotin is quoted at $ 1,250 / kg. Some manufacturers have stopped production for a long time, and the prices of pure products are tight. The domestic biotin market has continued to rise, and the 2% market in Europe and the United States has risen to 16-24 euros / kg (US$ 18-27 /kg). According to market news, some manufacturers have recently raised their pure product quotations. On December 19, Xinhecheng 2% biotin was quoted at 300 yuan / kg (US$ 43 /kg). The biotin market is on the strong side. Due to Zhejiang Medicine and Haijia Nuo Cun's resumption of production, attention needs to be paid later Manufacturer dynamics, etc.  

Folic acid: This week the market reported about 220-240 yuan / kg (US$ 31-34 /kg). From May to June, some manufacturers raised the price to 800-850 yuan / kg (US$ 114-121 /kg). New manufacturers entered. The downstream wait-and-see mentality was strong. The folic acid market was flat. On August 28, Niutang and Tiger offered 1,000 yuan / kg (US$ 143 /kg). Small manufacturers offered low prices. The folic acid market has recently fallen.  

Vitamin K3: This week (MSB) K3 market price is 55-62 yuan / kg (US$ 8-9 /kg). Due to cost support, some manufacturers have recently increased their quotations. On November 29, market news said that Veneda MSB price was 55 yuan / kg (US$ 8 /kg), and MNB price was 70 yuan. /kg (US$ 10 /kg). According to market news, K3 manufacturers have stopped reporting that they have maintained a very high price mentality. The K3 market has focused on increasing purchases and sales, and transaction prices have risen.  

Vitamin C: The market price this week is about 22-25 yuan / kg (US$ 3-4 /kg). In October 2019, China's VC export volume was 9,970 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 7%. From January to October 2019, the export volume was 131,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 11%. Recently, the VC market Calm, the price is stable.  

60% Choline: The market price this week is 4.5-4.8 yuan / kg (US$ 1 /kg), and the choline raw material ethylene oxide market reference price is 7600-7800 yuan / ton this week. sort out.