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Vitamin Updates (13-19 October 2019)
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According to the preliminary data of Huitong Data Research Department:

Vitamin A: This week VA market price is 335-345 yuan / kg (US$ 47-49 /kg). In mid-June, BASF told customers that the German factory was shut down due to equipment problems. At the end of August, the market reported that BASF's German plant VA1000 is expected to resume production in November this year, with lower operating rates in the fourth quarter and plans to suspend production in the second half of 2020. At the end of August, some manufacturers quoted 500 yuan/kg (US$ 70 /kg), and the European VA1000 market price was 79 euros/kg (US$ 88 /kg). The demand was not good to curb the market, the downstream enterprises were mostly ready to use, and the VA market price was loose.

Vitamin E: This week's VE market price is 44-48 yuan / kg (US$ 6-7 /kg). Previously, ST Guanfu said on the investor platform that according to the “Equity Purchase Agreement”, after the delivery of the underlying assets, the facilities, assets and operations of the Yimante Vitamin E business and Shishouneng will be upgraded. DSM announced that Yimante plans to start production suspension in early September. On August 30, there were import manufacturers VE price of 65 yuan / kg (US$ 9 /kg), the domestic pig production fell unfavorable demand, the domestic VE market narrowly arranged. The European market is priced at 4.6 Euro/kg (US$ 5 /kg).

Calcium pantothenate: This week, the market price is about 345-370 yuan / kg (US$ 49-52 /kg), the supply of raw materials is tight, the new manufacturers enter the market low, the recent market purchases and sales improved, the market news that the domestic manufacturers offer firm, rising before the holiday, the market price center of gravity. Need to continue to pay attention to raw material supply, manufacturer dynamics and so on.

Nicotinamide: This week's market price is 46-50 yuan / kg (US$ 6-7 /kg). As the raw material 3-cyanopyridine rose, the major manufacturers increased the price of nicotinamide to 55 yuan / kg (US$ 8 /kg). At the beginning of June, some manufacturers increased the price of nicotinamide products to 65 yuan / kg (US$ 9 /kg). On July 18th, the market reported that Jiyoulian raised the price of nicotinamide by 10%. On August 30, there was an importer's niacinamide price of RMB 65/kg (US$ 9 /kg). The demand was not good and the nicotinamide market was sorted out.

Vitamin D3: This week, the market price is 155-165 yuan / kg (US$ 22-23 /kg), the domestic demand is weak, there are new manufacturers to enter the product, some manufacturers recently quotation fell, the market quotation will be adjusted accordingly.

Vitamin B1: This week's market price is around 178-185 yuan / kg (US$ 25-26 /kg). On September 29, the brothers announced that the vitamin has not resumed production yet. The heating company has not resumed heating for the time being. It is still in a state of temporary suspension of production, and the time for resumption of production is still uncertain. B1 market price consolidation.

Vitamin B2: This week's market price is around 102-110 yuan / kg (US$ 14-16 /kg). On August 8th, the market news said that Haijiao stopped offering. Guangji Pharmaceutical announced on the evening of August 26 that the company's controlling subsidiary, Mengzhou Company, completed various maintenance work ahead of schedule and decided to resume production on August 27. The price of B2 was sluggish for a long time, and some manufacturers stopped reporting the suspension.

Vitamin B6: This week, the market price is around 165-170 yuan/kg (US$ 23-24 /kg). There are new manufacturers entering. At present, the price is low. Tianxin Pharmaceutical plans to suspend production for 60 days from July 20, and the domestic market is narrowly arranged.

Vitamin B12: This week, the market price is about 175-185 yuan / kg (US$ 25-26 /kg), there are new manufacturers to enter, the recent B12 market is weak. Guangji Pharmaceutical announced that it plans to raise 500 million yuan to build vitamin B12.

Vitamin 2% biotin: This week, the market price is 64-70 yuan / kg (US$ 9-10 /kg), raw materials are tight, on August 28, St. Biotin stopped reporting. On September 3, Hangzhou Kexing significantly increased feed grade 2% biotin to 150 yuan / kg (US$ 21 /kg). , to improve the price of pure biotin pure products to 950 US dollars / kg, the market said that the European market 2% biotin quotes rose to 10 euros / kg (US$ 11 /kg), after the holiday domestic biotin market price, steady and strong operation.

Folic acid: This week's market reported 320-380 yuan / kg (US$ 45-53 /kg). On May 6th, the price of Jiangsu manufacturers was raised to 600-650 yuan/kg (US$ 85-92 /kg). On May 10, the market reported that there was a price of 800 yuan/kg (US$ 113 /kg) for folic acid manufacturers. On June 3, individual manufacturers raised the price to 850 yuan/kg (US$ 118 /kg). The downstream demand was weak. The folic acid market reflects dullness. Xinhong Pharmaceutical plans to stop the quotation in September. On August 28th, the market reported that Niutang and Tiger were quoted at RMB 1,000/kg (US$ 141 /kg), and the folic acid market was stable.

Vitamin K3: This week (MSB) K3 market price 84-90 yuan / kg (US$ 12-13 /kg), due to rising raw material costs, on April 8 Brother Technology raised MSB K3 offer to 105 yuan / kg (US$ 15 /kg), increase MNB K3 offer to 125 yuan / kg (US$ 18 /kg). On May 28, Minida raised the price of MSB K3 to 130 yuan/kg (US$ 18 /kg) and increased the offer of MNB K3 to 155 yuan/kg (US$ 22 /kg). The sales of chrome powder are not good, the environmental protection pressure is high, the manufacturers hold a very good attitude, and the domestic demand is not good. Recently, the K3 market price has been adjusted back.

Vitamin C: This week, the market price is 23-26 yuan/kg (US$ 3-4 /kg). Recently, the VC manufacturers' prices have fallen, the VC market has fallen to a historical low, while some manufacturers have stopped production and production, the supply surface has contracted, and the VC market has risen at the bottom. According to market news, DSM Jiangshan Pharmaceutical Factory has stopped production upgrades and has stopped production since July. It is expected to be about three months.

60% choline: This week's market price is 4.6-4.8 yuan / kg (US$ 1 /kg), choline raw material ethylene oxide this week market reference price 8000-8300 yuan / ton, trimethylamine reference price 7000 yuan / ton, manufacturers supply tight, After the holiday, the quotations were raised. The price of 50% choline was raised to 4200-4300 yuan/ton, which was 200-300 yuan/ton higher than before the holiday.